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22 May 2019 Wednesday

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Authored by:
ISBN: 9993304425
Book Title: Dik ra Biralo
Author: Shiva Hari Adhikari
Paperback Edition: 2014 [2071 BS]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Dick and Cat - a fiction
Additional Info: bw Illust by Avin Shrestha Dik ra Biralo Shiva Hari Adhikari ratna pustak bhandar
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 1.60
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ISBN: 9789937006125
Book Title: Eklo Naayak
Author: Hari Adhikari
Paperback Edition:  []
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: this book is presented as a narrative to the historic events that have taken place in Nepal. this book tries to dissect the major historical events with the parties that were involved and mini-events or rounding them as well. this book is also a biography on one of Nepali congress founders, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai who was one of the main actors of Nepals democratic movement.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 8.00
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ISBN: 9789937804691
Book Title: Garmentki Gayatri
Author: ,Hari Adhikari
Paperback Edition: 2009 [2066 BS]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: The anthology is imbued with cultural, class and gender predicaments and these are depicted in the use of the interpretive ma or I in most poems, which shifts back and forth from the male perspective to the female, conferring a conscious subjective identity to the characters. If the ma in the female voice is imbued with a sense of dejection and emptiness, the ma in the male voice is free of the dominant posturing of men in the mainstream culture as well.
Additional Info: Fine Print Inc, Kathmandu
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 2.00
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ISBN: 9789937009577
Book Title: Pratinayak
Author: Hari Adhikari
Paperback Edition: 2073 [2016]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Pratinayak written by Hari Adhikari is a collection of short stories.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 4.50
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ISBN: 9789993309550
Book Title: Sathi Barshapachhi (sansmaran ra nibandha)
Author: Hari Adhikari
Paperback Edition: 2012 [2069 BS]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: After 60 Years - a collection of memoirs and essays
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 3.95
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