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21 September 2017 Thursday

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Authored by:
ISBN: 9789937217705
Book Title: Antarmanko Yatra : Atmalap
Author: Jagadish Ghimire
Paperback Edition: 2012 [2069 BS/16th]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: A Journey to the Soul : A Soliloquy - antimemoirs .The book which is part autobiography, part monologue, and part travelogue presents the story of the writer himself, describing his journey towards being a writer and the challenges he faced in the process.
Additional Info: awarded Madan Puraskar/2064 BS, Uttam Shanti Puraskar/2064 BS
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 7.00
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ISBN: rpbpast060
Book Title: Jagadishka Kathaharu
Author: Jagadish Ghimire
Paperback Edition: 2029 [BS]
Script/Language: Nepali
Additional Info: 1st edition (1972 AD) - Nrs 2/75
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 0.00

ISBN: rpbpast055
Book Title: Lilam
Author: Jagadish
Paperback Edition: 2027 [BS]
Script/Language: Nepali
Additional Info: 1st edition (1970 AD) - Nrs 2/50
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 0.00

ISBN: 9789993328988
Book Title: Narasingha Awatar (kabya)
Author: Jagadisha Shamsher Rana
Paperback Edition: 2067 [BS/2037 - 1st]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Sphinx incarnation (half lion half man) - poetry
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 3.00
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ISBN: 8185693455
Book Title: Nepal : A Concise History of the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal
Author: Jagadish Rana
Hardback Edition: 1995 [1995 AD]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: Nepal sheds light on the origin and evolution of the Nepalese culture in a historical perspective. In this book, the author has presented mainly two aspects of Nepals culture. Firstly he has traced the undercurrent of history and the rhythm of human affairs which he regards as formidable forces that shape the culture of a country. Secondly, he has underlined how when a migrating tribe or horde or groups of people or even new religious preachers entered and mingled with the local people, the cult
Additional Info: Nirala Publications
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 6.25
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ISBN: 9789937645386
Book Title: Samaya Samayaka Kura (Lekh-Rachanasangraha)
Author: Jagadish Lamichhane
Paperback Edition: 2015 [2072 BS/1st]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Time to time (collection of written creations)
Additional Info: Sabdartha Prakashan
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 5.00
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ISBN: 9788184654189
Book Title: Women Writers of Nepal (profiles & perspective)
Author: Jagadish Rana
Hardback Edition: 2011 [1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: Short boigraphies of 54 Nepali women writers
Additional Info: This is English adoptation of Narendra Raj Prasais Naichuli including portraits of the subjects
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 19.50
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Note: Currently this title is OUT-of-STOCK

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