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22 May 2019 Wednesday

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Authored by:
ISBN: 9789937233507
Book Title: Four Years for the Rhino
Author: Kamal Jung Kunwar
Paperback Edition: 2012 [2069 BS]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: An Experience of Anti-Poaching Operations. Kamal Jung Kunwar has been active in the field of forest, wildlife environment conservation for the last two decades. He played a crucial role in the conservation of rhinos during his tenure as an assistant warden and the head of the Anti-poaching Operation Unit of the Chitwan National Park Nepal from 2003 to 2007, Four Year for the Rhino is based on his experience about rhino conservation.
Additional Info: Save the Rhino Foundation Nepal
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 17.00
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ISBN: 9789937214407
Book Title: Gaindalai Char Barsha
Author: Kamal Jung Kunwar
Paperback Edition: 2017 [First]
Script/Language: Nepali
Translator: Sharch Chandra Wasti
Synopsis: The author himself has been working in the sector of animal and forest protection area for the past 15 years. When he worked for the Chitwan National Park, he was mainly specializing in the rhino sector so that is why he has written a book about his experience so far and the knowlegde he gained through it.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 6.02
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