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Authored by:
ISBN: 9788187138167
Book Title: Come Tomorrow: A Story about Gurkhas and Their Land
Author: Mani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2000 [2000 AD]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: This book is a fascinating account of the Nepalese soldiers and their bravery. This book best describes about Nepal and the brave Nepalese soldiers in detail. This book is worth reading by the Nepalese and the foreign reading public to get an insight into the Nepalese involvement in the Worlds I and II and the pitiful life led by the Nepalese soldiers.
Additional Info: Adarsh Books
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 4.80
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ISBN: 9789937822701
Book Title: Dekheko Muluk
Author: Kanak Mani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2066 [BS/1st]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: The Country Seen - account of Nepal during the turbulant times as witnessed by the author
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 5.95
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ISBN: 9789937015943
Book Title: Gaeyakaharu
Author: Kamalmani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2073 [first]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: This is a book which consists of collection of stories that are written by various writers.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 4.00
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ISBN: 9789993329084
Book Title: Madhabi
Author: Madan Mani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2067 [BS/1st - 2039]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Post-Vedic fiction
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 8.75
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ISBN: 9789937895514
Book Title: Meri Neelima
Author: Madanmani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2015 [2072 BS/2nd]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Meri Neelima — a monologue novel by Madan Mani. Optimism and life’s philosophy are some of the issues addressed by this novel. The novel gives an optimistic feel about the future. It is a historical work that has literary quality
Additional Info: Book Hill Publication
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 5.00
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ISBN: 9789937842129
Book Title: Peace Politics of Nepal (An Opinion From Within)
Author: Kanak Mani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2011 [2011/1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: In 34 chapters divided by many subheadings, this book provides easy reference to the cultural, historical, geopolitical, economic & moral issues that have swirled around the five-year- old peace process of Nepal which started in 2006. Here is one commentors unabashed views on the issues & events, encompassing a social democratic perspective.
Additional Info: Himal Books, Kathmandu
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 1.95
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ISBN: 9789937259828
Book Title: Rigvaidik Nari Charitra
Author: Madarmani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2012 [2069 BS]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: this book serves as a compare and contrast and variations in woman characterization from the rig Veda to the 21st century It highlights the morality, righteousness and virtue at that time and how it compares to the modern era and how it has affected the society in general.
Additional Info: Sangrila Books, Kathmandu
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 5.00
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ISBN: 9000136987
Book Title: SHIROMANI (Life & Times with Glimpses of Rana Rule)
Author: Hemang Mani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2016 [first]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: In this book, titled SHIROMANI - Life & Times with Glimpses of Rana Rule I have tried to include some incidents and experiences that the Manis had to bear or went through during the 104 years of Rana run administration. These have been recorded in accounts that some have narrated to others or wrote down themselves and have subsequently been published. These are the principle sources of this book.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 5.00
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ISBN: 8002420460
Book Title: Tridevi
Author: Madanmani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2051 [2051 BS/1st]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Tridevi - a novel
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 1.80
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ISBN: 9789937221887
Book Title: Tyo Yuga
Author: Madanmani Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2009 [2066 BS/2nd]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: That Era - criticism
Additional Info: Dev Group International, Canada
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 4.90
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