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21 August 2017 Monday

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Authored by:
ISBN: 9789937524261
Book Title: Ancient Stone Images of Buddha & Bodhisattva in Nepal
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya
Paperback Edition: 2011 []
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: This book accredits to Buddhist aestheticism on ancient stones of Mauryan age to Licchavi icons as a symbolic and iconic adoration of Buddha and Bodhisattvas, in Nepal. Those Pre-Licchavi and Licchavi aestheticism in Buddhist arts of historic devotions which transpired from early sacerdotal culture along the 879 AD, the beginning of New Era of Nepal Sambat, to landmark the rudiments of Newar art.
Additional Info: CNAS,Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 7.95
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ISBN: 9788129113047
Book Title: Cult of Bhairava in Nepal
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya
Hardback Edition: 2008 [1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: In this book,Milan Ratna Shakya deals with the spiritual account as well as the cult, which is based on admiration for Bhairava–rife in Nepal under local, intellectual and artistic perspectives. The spiritual realm of Bhairava cult also presents a pleasant merging of Saivism and Buddhism in Nepal.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 15.95
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ISBN: 8129109964
Book Title: Ganesa in Medieval Nepal
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya
Hardback Edition: 2006 [1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: In Ganesa in Medieval Nepal, Milan Ratna Shakya explains the different aspects of Ganesa in the Malla age in Nepal, when the deity was known as Inaya, and all religious worship or ceremony began with him as Agra-Pujaka, Adi-Vinayaka or Adou-Vinayaka. The rise of the tantric cult during the medieval period in Nepal synthesised both Hinduism and Buddhism in Kathmandu valley.
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 15.95
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ISBN: 9789937267786
Book Title: Namo Buddhaya: A Buddhist Study
Author: Milan Ratna Shakya
Paperback Edition: 2013 [2013 AD]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: A collection of papers on Buddhist studies of Nepalamandala
Sales-Price (Excluding Shipping): US$ 20.00
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