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15 July 2019 Monday

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Category/Subject: Law

ISBN: 9789383930470
Book Title: Constitution of Nepal Evolution, Development and Debates
Author: Pramod Jaiswal
Hardback Edition: 2016 [2073 BS/1st]
Script/Language: English
Editor: Pramod Jaiswal
Synopsis: The book discusses the various debates revolving around the evolution and development of the seventh constitution of Nepal. It expounds on public debates on various issues such as secularism, federalism, citizenship rights and the rights of marginalised groups in the newly promulgated constitution.The book consists of eleven chapters of young scholars from Nepal, India, China and Japan, giving an overall understanding of the discourse. The book is timely and represents the voices of various sect
Additional Info: G.B Books Publishers and Distributors
Pages: 246  •  Size:  •  Weight(grams): 600
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 28.00
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ISBN: 9788187393337
Book Title: Dilemmas of Justice ( Collective Action & Equity In Nepals Community Forestry)
Author: Krishna K. Shrestha
Paperback Edition: 2016 [first]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: This book examines dilemmas of justice in participatory forest governance. Many natural resource management policies centered on participation of local communities aim at achieving equitable outcomes. Equity is usually understood as equality of outcomes and procedural equality. However, neither equal distributional outcomes nor procedural equality necessarily lead to equitable in the sense of fair and just outcomes. Outcomes can be equal but not fair.
Pages: 363  •  Size:  •  Weight(grams): 800
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 51.40
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ISBN: 9993302783
Book Title: Homicide Law in Nepal (Concept, History and Judicial Practice)
Author: R.B. Pradhananga
Hardback Edition: 2001 [2001 AD/1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: Concept, History and Judicial Practice
Pages: 596  •  Size: 140*225  •  Weight(grams): 800
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 17.90
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ISBN: 9789937102285
Book Title: International Watercourses Law and A Perspective on Nepali-India Cooperation
Author: Surya Nath Upadhyay
Paperback Edition: 2012 [2012 AD]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: this book is also an authorative account of the issues sorrounding Indo-Nepal relations concerning water resources
Pages: 435  •  Size: 135*210  •  Weight(grams): 400
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 13.00
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ISBN: 3000111585
Book Title: Judical Customs of Nepal, The
Author: Kaisher Bahadur K.C.
Hardback Edition: 1971 [1971 AD/1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: this book is a tentative attempt to tell in a continous narrative the development of the concept of Dharma (law) in the Himalayan cross-roads of Asia on the basis of authentic documents and mouments
Pages: 432  •  Size: 190*245  •  Weight(grams): 1500
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 100.00
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ISBN: 9937599520
Book Title: Juvenile Justice System in Nepal
Author: Dr. Laxmi Prasad Mainali
Paperback Edition: 2016 [2073 BS/1st]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: Juvenile justice is most serious and important concern in the course of administration of justice. It concerns with right of suveniles, alternative measures of punishment, differential treatment in the hearing of the case and safeguarding the best Interest of the child. It is the fair and proper administration of laws relating to juveniles. The laws which govern the acts and behaviors of those in conflict with law who has not completed the statutory ope. Juvenile justice has often been seen as a
Additional Info: Pairavi Prakashan
Pages: 411  •  Size:  •  Weight(grams): 500
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 15.30
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ISBN: 3002873459
Book Title: Kanun Ra Rajniti
Author: Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya
Paperback Edition: 2071 [2071 BS/1st]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: संविधान निर्माणको प्रसङ्गमा उठाइने संघियता, जातिय पहिचान र स्वायतवाद्का मुद्धाहरु यो प्रकृयाका सबैभन्दा डरलाग्दो चुनौती हो । This book talks about the difficulties and issues that comes up during the whole process of writing a constitution
Additional Info: Published by Alliance Law House
Pages: 417  •  Size: 140*220  •  Weight(grams): 400
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 13.00
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ISBN: 9993302457
Book Title: Legal Environment of Business in Nepal
Author: Wagle/Panta
Paperback Edition: 2003 [2003 AD/2nd]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: this book provides general guidelines of legal environment of business in Nepal
Pages: 288  •  Size: 130*215  •  Weight(grams): 400
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 3.50
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ISBN: 9789937599504
Book Title: Outline of Fiscal Law in Nepal
Author: Hima Raj Giri
Paperback Edition: 2015 [2072 BS]
Script/Language: English
Synopsis: This book tries to cover the concept of fiscal law, policies as well as constitutional, legal provisions of various Acts related with the fiscal legal system of Nepal. Similarly, it also tries to mention certain cases of Revenue Tribunals.
Additional Info: Pairavi Book House
Pages: 303  •  Size: 0*0  •  Weight(grams): 200
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 7.50
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ISBN: 9789937801249
Book Title: Sambhrat Parivarko anshabanda
Author: Kamal Dixit
Paperback Edition: 2014 [2071 BS/1st]
Script/Language: Nepali
Synopsis: Division of the Sambhrat Family
Additional Info: News Guthi, Kathmandu
Pages: 80  •  Size: 140*215  •  Weight(grams): 150
Sales-Price (excluding shipping): US$ 3.00
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